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Our sympathy and condolences to the family. Jerry and Lois were very speciial people and we considered them friends and mentors. I talked to Lois just a few weeks ago (on the anniversary of Jerry’s death) and she was her usual positive and fun self. Lois always tLked about her family and was devoted to Jerry. Her life set and great example for all of us. Her legacy will be her caring and dedication to others. She now can rest in peace and watch over her family from above. It was an honor to call Lois and Jerry friends. Jerry and Mary Hunsburger
Gerald (Jerry) and Mary Hunsburger - Tuesday December 11, 2018 via Condolence Message
My condolences to the Page family and friends. It is a painful thing to lose a precious love one in death, regardless of how long they have lived. It pains our loving Heavenly Father, too. He did not purpose his human family to grow old and die but purpose us to live and enjoy life in perfect health. It is still his purpose (Psalms 37:11, 29). He calls death an enemy that will be removed forever__1 Corinthians 15:26 “The last enemy, death, will be brought to nothing”; Isaiah 25:8. He promised to awaken our love ones in the memorial tombs from asleep in death__ Isaiah 26:19 "Your dead will rise ...Awake and shout joyfully you residents in the dust! ...the earth will let those powerless in death come to life. He promised to reverse the aging process__ Job 33:24,25 “Let his flesh become fresher than in youth; Let him return to the days of his youthful vigor.” What a delight it will be to see them again to enjoy life as our Creator purposed (Psalms 145:16)! Allow these words to keep comforting all of you.
VScott - Thursday December 06, 2018 via Condolence Message
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